Mouthfeel 3: Elvin Brandhi, Microcorps, TX Ogre (Henry "Shitmat" Collins)


Cube Microplex
£12 / £9

Mouthfeel: The experimental music night with an ill-conceived culinary tie in returns with a trio of electronic trailblazers.

Elvin Brandhi (Yeah You) is an improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend, Wales, who builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice. Her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness.

MICROCORPS is the new project by artist and musician Alex Tucker (Grumbling Fur, Alexander Tucker, Imbogodom). Blurring the lines between human and humanoid, Tucker's ever-evolving soundworld continues to unfold around processed electronic systems, strings and vocal manipulations.

Kickstarting the evening is a set from national treasure, and "people's champion" Henry Collins. Best known for his iconoclastic Shitmat sets, worst known as a crisp podcaster and professional wrestler, tonight he's performing as TX Ogre: a machine-code Milford Graves, ripping Han Bennick a new operating system. Hyper rhythm drum machine free-jazz. Nice.

Gimmicky food giveaway? You better believe it! Tonight there's multiple chances to win as you take a free spin on the pickle tombola. Delicious (and/or nutritious) homemade preserves are yours for the taking!

And as ever we'll be serving a one-off, seasonally appropriate, mystery cocktail. Chin chin.


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