Special Measures run playful, DIY, art and music events in Bristol.

I've been involved in organising and curating Supernormal Festival since 2011 and started Special Measures in 2023 as a platform for running smaller scale events in and around Bristol.

If you're interested in performing at any of our events, contact rich@specialmeasures.co.uk


Mouthfeel is a lively night of experimental music with a paper-thin culinary twist. Following the loose gastronomic theme, each Mouthfeel event will offer a unique, one-night-only cocktail and a chance to win a unique food object.

Neon Dross

A "bad movie" night with a moratorium on the sepia drudgery of the horror genre.  Instead we unearth camp, gaudy, spandex clad hidden gems and package them up with a thematically on-brand after party.

Monochrome: Festival of Ugly Music

Monochrome is a new city festival for Bristol, celebrating ugly and abrasive music. Expect to see extreme metal and punk bands sharing a stage with artists from the gnarlier fringes of the experimental world.

While this event will showcase metal, and metal adjacent, music, this will not be your traditional "metalfest". We want Monochrome to be inclusive and welcoming for folks that may not always feel at home at conventional metal events: no battle-jacket; no problem.


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