Mouthfeel 4: Dawn Terry, BIPED, Nik Rawlins


Mouthfeel number 4 already? It very much is.

Dawn Terry has worked for years as one third of drone-doom band Bong, supplying heavy distorted bass and vocals. In her more recent solo work Dawn has been mining acoustic resonances from accordion, hurdy-gurdy, and voice. Both cleaner and denser than ever before, Dawn is now producing large scale minimalist landscapes, characterised by an austere openness and barely punctured by hypnotic drumming or slowly intoned vocals.

The prodigal child returns! We're thrilled to host, what is now a rare Bristol outing, for BIPED since they packed up their stick and bindle and headed for the smoke. BIPED is a town crier for the digital age, dystopian sound poet, and utterly infectious artist who works sound, image and language into their playful DIY processes, to construct a world that is lateral, liberationist, esoteric, rhizomatic and absurd.

Opening the night is Nik Rawlings. They are a counter tenor vocalist and composer with a practice that is heavily focussed on spatial and immersive music composition. They use movement, walking patterns and physical proximity to spatialise, gather and scatter sounds - an embodied approach to immersive sonic practice. Absolutely not to be missed.

Of course it wouldn't be Mouthfeel without a dubious food related tie-in. For this edition, guest caterer Sam Francisco (artist, curator and performance-sewing-machinist) will present an *exquisite* tableaux of nibbles to excite the eyes and the mouth.

Mystery cocktail? Oh yes; we've got something special planned for March! See you there.


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