Neon Dross: Cool as Ice


Neon Dross welcomes you to a night of Vanilla Ice themed excess.

Shades, caps and gaudy threads strongly encouraged. Expect wall-2-wall early 90's bangers; a vanilla icing station where you can ice your own buns; and of course the definitive motion picture event of 1991: COOL AS ICE!

Cool As Ice was a cynical attempt to capitalise on the runaway success of Vanilla Ice's debut record "To The Extreme" and catapult him to movie-star status. It didn't work.

Today it stands as a cringe inducing cult classic.

A heady mix of incomprehensible comic vignettes, gratuitous dance scenes, zany ancillary characters, and footage of Vanilla Ice scowling on the back of a motorbike, is tied together with a vague plot about gangsters and filtered through an eye-popping early 90s aesthetic.

A critical and commercial disaster; it was too cool for cinemas, exploding as it did directly into Blockbuster discount bins around the globe. This may well be the first time its ever been screened in a UK cinema.


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