Mouthfeel 1: Container/Guthrie, Tapsew, Palm Oil

Cube Microplex
£12 / £8

Mouthfeel is a night of experimental music, with a vague culinary twist.

Our first edition brings you a new collaboration between Container and Will Guthrie, with support from Tapsew and Palm Oil

Will Guthrie is an Australian experimental percussionist and prolific collaborator. Anyone who saw his performance at the Cube earlier this year with his Nist-Nah gamelan ensemble will know this show isn’t to be missed.

Container was a pioneering force in bringing noise music into techno. He’s more commonly found tearing up dancefloors than performing to hushed auditoriums so this promises to be a unique collaboration.

Tapsew are a high drama AV ensemble featuring the unlikely pairing of sewing machine and tap dance; bringing together the escapism of showbiz with the repetitive labour of industry.

Palm Oil’s crispy, brittle melodies get scrumpled up and snapped into tiny useless pieces on a chaotic temporal grid. Process-led improvised drum kit, synths and voice from sound artist Yas Clarke.

Following the loose gastronomic theme, each Mouthfeel event will offer a unique, one-night-only beverage. For this edition we’ll be serving up a hot mead cocktail to keep the winter chills at bay (or fresh honey and ginger tea for non drinkers).

But wait; there’s more. All entrants will receive a free TOFU RAFFLE ticket. One lucky mouthfeeler will walk away with a hefty block of handmade festive tofu. What makes it festive? Find out on 12 Jan.


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